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X10 entertainment is a Canadian independent record label founded in 2016 by Patrick Kabongo, Troy Harmon and Sean Thomas. X10 was founded to turn social, entrepreneurial and artistic efforts into a lifestyle. We believe in creating engaging projects that promote fellowship and positivity. 

x10 entertainment

“Partnering with Coalition Music is exciting. We’ve worked towards building our company from the ground up and this next step for us at X10 which is to continue our growth,” said Patrick Kabongo, X10 Entertainment. “ The Coalition team has over 30 years experience and we look forward to working closely with them in order to build our business…their building is filled with trusting individuals and they’ve established themselves by helping artists build sustainable careers. I am proud to be able to offer this level of experience and support to our artists” said Sean Thomas, X10 Entertainment.

The dream of broke kids in housing, either the trap or the mouse, I had to get out the house then ”

Diamonds, spadina ep 

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