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The X represents the variable, meaning we can make it whatever we want; we want to support positivity, whether in school, love, friendship, partying, sports and music. The 10 represents every member but also represents that whatever it is you do, do it 10 times to its maximum than you would regularly.  X is also the Roman numeral representation of the number 10. We hope to have a lot of people engaged in the movement and they join us in using positivity all over the world. – Patrik 

x10 entertainment

A banner of truth, Patrik speaks his mind. Using music and making his message one for the masses. A rapper for the People. Patrik has graced the stages of Canadian Music Week, Mural Music Festival, UNCRWND, UNSIGNED, Ontario 150 Arts & Music Festival & Pop Montreal. On November 9th 2018, Patrik released his much anticipated EP Spadina which featured the smash single Diamonds, which quickly caught attention of Spotify which prompted them to place the track on their Northern Bars Playlist, since then his music has appeared on New Music Friday as well as 93.5FM, 90.3FM, 89.5FM, CBC Music, Complex, Hip-Hop Canada, Hot New Hip-Hop, IX Daily & FYI Music .

The dream of broke kids in housing, either the trap or the mouse, I had to get out the house then ”

Diamonds, spadina ep 

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