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X10 is a creative music agency that helps independant artists develop their brand, release music successfuly, and collect maximum royalties all in one place.  We work with leading companies  to bring your music to market. 


We will place your song in over 200 digital stores and streaming services & include a marketing release strategy.


We help you build your brand, create content and bring it to audiences that match with your artist profile.


We register your songs and make sure you get paid on every type of music royalty you can earn, globally.

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Leveraging music technology with leading brands


Our ”Max royalties Music Admin” package optimizes registration for royalties claims, maximizes distribution channels and collects ALL performance royalties / mechanical royalties. 

The ”Next UP” Digital Assets” package improves your online presence with a social media audit and strategic plan which includes all the assets you need to get started. 


Music administration package
$ 19
Per song*
  • ✓ Issue 1 UPC code
  • ✓ Register 1 song to over 90 PROs worldwide
  • ✓ Distribute to 150 + stores
  • ✓ Collect Mechanical Royalties
  • ✓ Collect Performance Royalties
  • ✓ Collect YouTube/FB/IG/TikTok royalties

* X10 charges a 5% administrative fee for all revenue collection on behalf of the artist. 


SM Audit + Digital Assets package
$ 449
flat fee
  • ✓ Social Media Audit
  • ✓ Social Media Strategic plan
  • ✓ Professionally written Biography
  • ✓ Press release write up for 1 single
  • ✓ EPK
  • ✓ Full website + Hosting


X10 Entertainment Inc. is a Creative Agency that provides À La Carte Artist Services. We specialize in  Distribution/Royalties collection (Music Administration), Content Creation, Artist Development and Artist Management. We work directly with  the best music companies (Coalition, Warner, Believe, Tunecore and Live Nation) to maximize opportunities and ensure our artists success.

X10  works directly with artists, managers and labels to provide everything an independant artist needs to succeed. You get dedicated support with quick response time, custom solutions and detailed analytics.  Our knowledgeable team will create a custom strategy to successfully take your music to market.

We will: Register your music, perform social media audits, present strategic social media plans, create cover art, an EPK, an artist webpage, produce promo videos, distribute your music (wtih roll out plan, push your music to playlists) and  collect ALL royaties owed to you. We charge fair prices and always lookout for the artist’s best interest. 


''À la carte label services, without the label.''

X10  provides artists, managers and labels everything needed to successfully take their music to market and fully collect ALL ROYALTIES.



Most frequent questions and answers

You keep 100% of your royalties. We charge a flat admin fee and 5% commission on revenue collected by us. For any other service we only charge a flat 1 time fee for the services provided.

We need to know who you are as an artist, what is your bio, your objective, your budget and what is your latest work. Don’t worry we will send you a questionnaire to fill out once you have booked an appointment with an artist/client manager. 

Not yet. And you don’t need to be for us to collaborate. For now we are just helping artists gain control over their music, career and success.  We want to help as many artists succeed as possible and we think this is the best way to accomplish that goal. 

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