Toronto artist UZA born as Unika Geohagan is an all around artist from Canada, she started as a rapper in 2012, featuring on local artists songs, and gained attention from her style by the name of Nunu V, her first big hit was “party time “ (“Party time” BomaSquad ft. Nunu V) that made Worldstar and hit 50 K views in a week. 

UZA is a dedicated wordsmith and angelic vocalist who is gaining recognition for her unique style that evokes 90s nostalgia and artistry


Patrik is a Canadian rapper and songwriter. He is regarded by critics and contemporaries as a clever lyricist who speaks to societal truths, creating strong links to his listeners.

His latest work, Spadina EP, promoted a conscious message through relentless honesty and accountability as many of his records do. Entitled (2017), Diamonds (2018), and Not For Profit (2019) are a shortlist of singles that have earned him great recognition, being cover by Complex Canada, HNHH, Hip-hop Canada, Flow 93.5 and more